Zane StaggsWeb/Mobile Software Engineer

Web Development is my daily job and something I am highly passionate about. There is nothing I enjoy more than being approached with a business problem or feature request and transforming that idea into resuable and extensible code and a friendly usable interface with happy stakeholders. I am an expert front and back-end developer with a keen sense of what works well in web and mobile application user interfaces.

I save my web development links on Twitter follow me at @zanedev if you would like to keep on top of the latest front end and full stack topics that I am interested in. I also star projects that I am am interested in on Github.

Business First

With a business education background I have what it takes for a web developer to understand and reach the goals of any website development project. I'm a business professional first, coder second. I am always evaluating the business trade-offs for decisions that must be made and I understand how to optimize an interface and the code when translating business requirements into a functional and highly usable software product.

Understanding the business goals and the needs of the website audience is key. I utilize this knowledge during the software development process in order to produce a quality end result - time and time again. Anyone can create a good website, but it takes a web developer like myself who has passion in his work and a high attention to detail to make the best website possible, while ultimately adding the value it becomes for a business.

Security Focused

Computer security is a major problem that is often overlooked until it's too late. Businesses must be pro-active about in this computer age as our dependency upon computers and devices grows. I am very knowledgeable in software security and am constantly applying my knowledge to my code and systems.

I am proactive with the continual education of security and related technological advances. I fully understand what the ramifications of security are from a business perspective and how to avoid security pitfalls in coding, both from a front-end and back-end perspective.


Although my passion is in front-end coding and user interfaces, I also work in server side (backend) coding when I need to. The following is an abbreviated list of the technologies I am currently using or have used in the past. I do prefer open source software but I will work with proprietary technologies if required. Note that this is not a complete list but hopefully gives an idea of my programming background in general.

I enjoy using frameworks and reusing code wherever possible but am also able to code anything from scratch and I am very fast at learning any new technology. My uncanny debugging skills come in handy in any coding language regardless of technology. I also do not believe in only using one technology, I use whatever is the best tool for the job and will result in the most efficient turnaround.

Advanced Proficiencies: NodeJS, ReactJS, Backbone, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby/Rails, Bash, C, iOS/Android, Javascript(ES6), Jquery, Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML5, CSS3, Mysql, MongoDB

Advanced CMS Dev Experience: Concrete5, Wordpress, Drupal, NetlifyCMS

Bleeding Edge: Currently I am focusing on webgl, game programming, vr and animation, JAMstack, and static site generators such as hugo and gatsby.

Personal Interests

When I'm not working on code I enjoy hanging out with my beautiful wife and two very awesome daughters and snowboarding/skiing in Tahoe, playing video games, reading books and surfing norcal.

We live in San Francisco but like to travel whenever possible. We have travelled to Paris, Amsterdam, Luxembourg, Switzerland, London, Australia, Mexico, Bahamas, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Alaska, and Hawaii to name a few.

Technology-wise I am interested in all things web/mobile and multimedia. I strive to become completely fluid in graphic design one day. I am also very interested in virtual reality, gaming, computer security and networking. If only there was enough time in the day...

About this site

This site is built with ReactJS, Gatsby and the JAMstack. It's hosted with ♥ at Netlify.