Zane StaggsWeb/Mobile Software Engineer

Zane is a great developer who takes new complex tasks and runs with them. He's able to design elegant solutions and simple MVPs that validate his direction. If you have a hard problem to solve Zane is your man!

Beyond his professional excellence Zane is also a great person to work with. At BetterDoctor he wanted to bring the team together and created a lunch club and an outdoor gym which both the team loved.

Ari T - CEO & Co-founder at BetterDoctor

Zane is my go to guy when I need to get something done now! Super engaged, whip smart and a vocal pragmatist. Having worked with Zane for a number of years I have always appreciated his optimism, openness and his down to earth perspective. Did not matter the size of the task I handed him, he got it done! And done right. Zane has the chops to build amazing things!

Matt L - Former VP of Engineering at BetterDoctor

If you need someone to role up their sleeves and get things done with minimal direction, call Zane. I had the pleasure of working with Zane at BetterDoctor and he was a machine of productivity. As we worked together more and more, he would keep an excellent pulse on the engineering work, often suggesting we queue up critical technical improvements before they became huge nightmares. Zane's easy going nature and positive attitude made it a joy to come into work every morning with him. Would love to work with him again.

Scott H - General Manager at Electronic Arts (EA)

Zane possesses outstanding interpersonal skills and the ability to work in coordination with other engineers and other departments. He is empathetic and helps his colleagues in a variety of ways including sharing knowledge.

Roberta D - HR/Health and Wellness Coach/Fitness

I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Zane during several extensive website designs and launches. Zane is an amazing project manager because he gets right to the point - and his points are very good. Zane has a clear insight into the design and development of websites and does not hesitate to share his ideas and suggestions in a positive way. I highly recommend Zane Staggs and congratulate anyone who gets the chance to work with him!

Geoffrey G - Inquisitive and Creative Communicator

Zane came into PlayFirst and started solving problems immediately. He took ownership of the thorny front-end at once, taming the beast and forcing it conform to standards. He produces code elegantly and quickly, and was personable and unflappable even under intense duress. I hope to wrangle Zane into working with me again.

James G - Polymath

Zane is a no-nonsense engineer, able to code up features like lightning while explaining it all to stakeholders in layman's terms. He was our team's sole engineer, responsible for developing and improving the CMS we used for building client websites. Having so much experience from working with clients in the past, he was able to anticipate our needs as producers. He built features that were flexible so that we could do more than we initially envisioned and always asked us hard questions to make sure the things we asked for were actually the things we needed. A lot of the time, we collaborated on features and iterated quickly, in the spirit of agile.

I have much respect for Zane as a coder and as a mentor. He would be a key asset in any team.

Allison A - Technical Project Manager at BetterDoctor

I worked with Zane for about 3 years at a little start-up called BetterDoctor. When I joined we had a really small team which required you had to wear many hats. Zane was always there to help out and pitch in when needed. Super helpful and always willing to explain and answer questions. A great member for any team that wants to be nimble and get things done! I Hope our paths cross again one day!

Brett P - Lead Platform Engineer at BetterDoctor

Zane was an invaluable member of our team. He was our go-to engineer and always responded quickly and thoroughly to bug fixes and urgent feature adjustments. Our team benefited not only from his engineering excellence but the mentoring role that he took on for our team. Zane produced clear and detailed documentation of our CMS customizations and how to utilize the features to create beautiful marketing sites for our clients. He would not hesitate to sit down with me to implement a unique one-off case to ensure a fully satisfied client. I would not hesitate to join a team with Zane in the future. He not only brings expert technical knowledge to the table but also his ability to strengthen the unity of a team.

Gerald J - Product Manager fostering progress in complex digital systems.

Zane is a top-notch web developer with a strong passion for web standards and doing things right. He thrives in a work environment where he can collaborate with designers, product managers, and business owners. He takes great pride in his work and always completes his tasks on time. Zane is just as comfortable at cleaning up and iterating on legacy code as ripping things out and rebuilding from scratch. He also makes the appropriate tradeoffs between effort and reward while being keenly aware of his impact to a project's timeline. Zane also takes a keen interest in keeping his skills current and researching new technologies on his own.

I would gladly recommend Zane for any web developer position and would welcome the opportunity to work with him again.

Mark S - Director of Engineering, Navigenics, Inc.

Zane Staggs has been our Webmaster for over 8 years and has exhibited excellence and expertise in all areas of website design, launch, maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs. Zane is a true professional, always responding promptly and effectively to our inquiries and challenges. I would recommend his services and participation on any team wholeheartedly.

Christian W, President, Alpen Sierra, Inc.

As the Director of E-Commerce for a major corporation, I have utilized many developers and Zane is one of the best I have ever worked with.. He is organized, creative, diligent and has excellent follow through and communication skills..more importantly, he delivers. I cannot speak highly enough of his professionalism. I started with him on one project and continue to use him for all my technology needs.

Kari H - Owner, Cafe Au Soul

Zane effectively developed our website on a non-profit, "shoe string" budget.  Throughout the development Zane assured that our website encompassed the many community efforts that promote the prevention and treatment substance abuse/addiction. In addition, the website has received many "kudos" from our members, indicating that it is "simple to navigate" and "extremely organized." Moreover, as a direct result of Zane’s dedication to ensuring high standards in the development process and his utmost professional attitude he is highly respected by me and our organization! We are utterly grateful for the wonderful service he provided us and for the continued technical support he offers at no cost to our organization.  Zane stands for integrity and service!

Rhonda M - CAADAC

To whom it may concern,

I have had the privilege to work with Zane Staggs over the past year. After a few introductory meetings we came to an agreement on the skills and products Zane had to offer. I wanted to build a web based application that included search technology, content management, database administration, and flexible presentation that incorporated html and flash.

We established a budget, specifications, and contract parameters based on my needs and resources. Zane did a great job offering alternatives that mitigated cost. He also understands the law of diminishing return and would direct me when increased spending on a certain task or component became less effective.

We launched the website and the application successful without a hitch. I trust Zane to administrate all areas of the website, store front, application and data base. I have had zero down time on the hosted servers in use for my products.

I would recommend Zane Staggs for projects that require skill, leadership, and thoroughness. I look forward to working with Zane in the future on all my projects. If you need additional information please contact me directly.

Hardy S. B